Blink / Steady Blog

The Waste Stream   January 17 2013

Since everything is made here in our own factory, we thought we'd take a step back and look at all the waste we produce in making our bike lights. So many products are made far... read more...

CW+T's THE ONES   January 21 2013

Check us out, and this amazing collection of things:


Behind the Scenes, Programming Boards   January 21 2013

Blink / Steady, Justin programming boards. from Benjamin Cohen on Vimeoread more...

Our Theory about Batteries   January 18 2013

Rechargeable batteries are everywhere, and there is an appeal in the idea of creating less waste through re-useable batteries. Little USB rechargeable bike lights are adorable and convenient. How come... read more...

Welcome to Blink / Steady Blog   January 14 2013

Hello! Thanks for visiting our new Blog. We'll be peeling back the curtain of manufacturing here to show you how our lights our made, and other in-house issues that you may find interesting. Have a look!


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